Portable Power Station


Portable Power Station


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What's Our Clients Say


Most excellent communication, and happy with the product! item arrived over a week earlier than listed. thank you


Louisville, Kentucky


What an awesome product. I'm glad they were able to join the big solar generator class. This thing charges super quick and quite. Now I can not wait to take it out.


Boston, Massachusetts


Used in an RV to replace broken gas generator. Really worthwhile if you can afford investment. No more noisy smelly gas generator. Runs all of our appliances, including A/C and microwave. It gives us all the power we need to boondock in our rv.


Los Angeles, California


I connected this thing to my PS4 and projector and ran both for over 12 hours and the still had 1 bar of battery left. I also, connected my full sized refrigerator to it and ran it for 32 hours and had 2 bars(5 is full) of battery left. It seems like it would be very useful in places with power outages.


Atlanta, Georgia


I'm prompted to write this review by the excellent service from this supplier.The gokkcl power station arrived with about 80% charge. I plugged in a fridge and it handled it without a blink. I estimate it will run a fridge for a couple of days.


Miami, Florida


GOKKCL with more than 10 years experience in energy storage system, as well as 3 years integrated R&D and manufacturer of energy storage technology products, GOKKCL is proud to offer customers quality & professional products and services.