Car Starting Battery

The Sodium Ion Starting Battery series is designed for car starting operating temperature -40--80, a revolution in automotive power technology. This cutting-edge battery leverages the remarkable potential of sodium ion chemistry, providing unparalleled performance and efficiency compared to conventional lead acid batteries. With a higher energy density and an extended lifespan, it ensures swift and dependable starts on every ignition. Bid farewell to harmful materials and welcome a more sustainable, eco-friendly power solution for your vehicle.

Maintain superior power in sub-zero temperature( retention capacity 90% @-20℃, retention capacity 75% @ -40)

Sodium ion batteries have better safety performance. The internal resistance of sodium ion batteries is slightly higher than that of lithium batteries, resulting in less instantaneous heat generation and lower temperature rise in safety tests such as short circuits. In the tests of all safety items such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, acupuncture, extrusion, etc., no fire or explosion was found in the sodium ion battery.